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Hello there! My name is Jessy-James, but you might know me as JaYmZ.

I am a 22 years old French Canadian streamer from Montreal.

I love doing skate board, street art and I party a lot, but I never miss a day of grinding.

I am a Twitch streamer, but I also love doing content creation, organizing events and working on various creative projects.

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 Everyday in highschool, I used to binge watch the top Youtube creators from that time. My biggest inspirations were FaZe, Team Kaliber and the The Misfits. I always wanted to create my own content, but I was barely 14 at the time and had no equipement. I did what I could with what I had. Took the family laptop, recorded tutorials, funny videos, memes and more to upload it on various youtube channels. None of them really worked out as I was still in an experimental phase of my life, but I loved making videos so maybe someone would stumble upon it one day.


I was then introduced to, that's when I decided to switch to this platform for content that was more spontaneous. The connection with the viewers were very unique, and that's what I liked the most from streaming. I started off on my first ever ''Gaming Laptop'' and I was basically playing CSGO everyday, waiting for people to join my chat and talk with me. My name back then was ''JayZ_The_Beast'' which was pretty long and JayZ was already being used by one of the most famous rappers out there, so my formula wasn't quite there yet.  I did this for 2 years before deciding to switch to, which had a way smaller community, but everyone knew each other over there and it really made me feel like home.


Over at, I made a lot of new friends. I started meeting with people that were in orgs and that's where I first ever heard of EasternMediaGG (EMGG). On Theta, I started gaining interest over organizing my own LAN PARTIES and streaming them to the internet. I started this yearly LAN EVENT called ''THE APT LAN'' and it was very appreciated by my friends and the audience.

After a while on Theta, I realized that ''JayZ_The_Beast'' was a bad future proof name and that's when I changed to the name you all know today: JaYmZ.
I grew pretty fast over on Theta and got a good size audience, but after a while, I realized that most of my viewership was people farming Giveaways and TFUEL (the crypto currency used on Theta). Not a whole bunch of people were actually here for me or my content.. I didn't care about the free prizes or the money accumulated over there, I just wanted to make it big and get an actual community that liked me for what ever project I work on. So after 1 year on, I moved back to Twitch, effectively bringing ZERO of my theta viewers to twitch. I pretty much had to restart everything from the ground up.


Back to Twitch we go, but now I knew what I was doing. I started streaming everyday except for Mondays, had a schedule up every week, remade my logo to look more appealing and professional. I tried my best to surround myself with people that were as motivated as me. Streamers, Youtubers, Designers, Editors, Org Owners, you name it. I ended up meeting a small org called ''Intensity Esports'' and I first joined them as a streamer. Diving 100% in my passion, I wanted to make the difference in the ORG I was in, so I proved myself and got the position of Head Manager. My role there was to make sure everything kept on progressing towards our goal: make the team better for our Streamers, Pro Players and Designers. This position really made me happy as I was surrounded with grinders that were passionate about making it in their fields, and I was doing my part to help them grow. 

After some time I left the team due to some internal conflict and a couple months after, Intensity got disbanded. I was back on my own, but I've been there before and knew what to do.


Being solo, I grinded my own content and my brand EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I was not going to waste any time to improve my content and get to create new projects. I organized the APT LAN #3 in Montreal. I rented a place out, got some custom sponsors (Razer/Elgato), had some APT LAN merch, 3D Printed trophies,  and even more! (FULL VIDEO HERE). It was by far my most successful project ever, and I was more hyped than ever to create content with my friends. After 6 months of streaming solo, I stumbled upon ''Toxik Heat'' who was previously streaming on Theta. He re-introduced me to EMGG and that's when I applied to join the team. After a couple of weeks and  2-3 interviews, I became EMGG JaYmZ. I was very happy to join the org that I once looked up to, and now, I was surrounded with people that could help me make my way to the top of Twitch. I've met people that changed the way I see things. I've met people that showed me how to improve little things that I hadn't noticed about my content . Everyday I could see myself getting closer and closer to my goal, but I was nowhere near where I wanted to be yet.

2022 REVAMP: JAYMZ V2.0 (Snakes & Roses)

After I organized the APT LAN #3, I wanted some new short term goals. I wanted to bring my game up to the top streamers on the platform, so I could have a chance to compete against them on Twitch. I made the decision to do a full revamp of all my social medias, drop my first ever clothing line/merch, I've made my first ever website and I even added a bunch of extras to really make this drop crazy. New logos, animated emotes, promo videos, overlays, you name it, I had it. After 2 years with EMGG, I decided to leave the team at the same time as I drop JaYmZ V2.0 to mark the start of a new era for JaYmZ. I work everyday to improve myself and get new ideas going to entertain the crowds. My goal as always been to create and entertain people, and by dropping this clothing line and the revamp, I feel like I accomplished some of my dreams as a kid. I have my own brand and I'm ready to rock the world with JaYmZ Corp. All of this would've never been possible without you guys reading this. Thank you infinitely for supporting me through what ever project I have. You guys are supporting me to reach my life goals, I owe all of this to you guys.

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's talk.

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